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Where is your business going?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Where is your business going and how will you get it there? These are two of the most important questions for every business leader to consider. These simple questions are often and easily raised, but difficult and less frequently answered effectively or thoughtfully. The truth is businesses and executives do not improve passively or without dedicated time or intention.

Many of you have heard me talk about working on vs. in your business. Working on your business is proactive, scheduled, and done with purpose. It is work done on the business that does not involve existing clients or prospects. Its sole purpose is to increase the business's capacity to perform or scale in the future in ways that are not possible with existing products, services, resources, footprint, or talent.

The most disciplined and effective leaders proactively schedule a time to work on their business when they will not be interrupted by anything! Usually, the first 1-3 hours of the day depending on their role and objectives. Working on your business can be done alone and/or with others, but it's constantly focused on the strategic questions of:

  1. How do I increase my skills and capacity to grow and scale my business?

  2. How do I increase the capacity of my business and team to grow and scale?

Businesses and their cultures are a snapshot reflection of the leader and businesses don't grow beyond the leader's ability to imagine, create and execute a bigger better future - NEVER!

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