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Ten Essentials to Developing Great Partners

Great teams & partners are rare! Great partners are rare because most people don't appreciate the contributions and leverage other people make to their personal success. In order to get you to have to give and while giving you often get more than you gave. Here are ten critical essentials to developing and being a great partner.

  1. Pick someone capable of being a great partner (look for character, competence, temperament, and judgment)

  2. Be a great partner - if you think you're a good partner today - you aren't!

  3. Be actively and genuinely committed to your partner's success

  4. Become an expert on your partner's story - how did they get here and become who they are

  5. Dedicate regular non-work time to have fun together

  6. Provide each other unvarnished constructive & positive regular feedback no matter what

  7. Be highly responsive

  8. Assume the best unless a pattern of behavior informs you otherwise

  9. Be equal contributors - overtime partnerships don't survive unequal contributions

  10. Be patient- great partnerships are built over time

Life is too short to spend too much time with people who don't add to both your quality and quantity of life.

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