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How and where can your clients be served?

No industry has escaped the shock of the pandemic, but many have exhibited remarkable agility in how they have responded. I'm particularly impressed by the companies that changed how and where they serve their clients and as a result are thriving in the face of this pandemic.

Chick-fil-A closed all of their restaurant lobbies to customers and captured and delivered orders via a drive-through model. Telemedicine has advanced more in 7 months than in the previous 10 years. Commercial real estate is figuring out how to serve owners and occupiers to reflect remote working arrangements. Microsoft, Zoom, and others have allowed professionals to connect from remote areas and companies like Verizon and AT&T have accelerated 5G roll-outs to facilitate remote working. Groceries and prepared meals are now delivered to homes with increasing speed and variety. Oh, and a vaccine was developed in 1/10 the speed of previous vaccines.

Yes, the past 8 months have been bumpy, but agile businesses have responded with amazing speed and innovation to address how and where they serve their clients.

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