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Focus On What You Control!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

There is a lot of uncertainty in the Covid world, but the truth is the things that really matter to your future success are still available to you and haven't gone anywhere. Your time, thoughts, creativity, experience, skills, and attitude were the only things within your control before COVID, and they're still the only things within your control. The market, interest rates, the weather, and the glacial vaccine rollout by incompetent and unaccountable government bureaucrats are not within your control.

You will notice when you focus on the things within your control you will feel creative, energetic, and empowered. You will feel the opposite when you focus on and or try to control the things you have no control over.

You can influence outcomes in your world, but only by improving the things mentioned above that are totally within your control. Use and improve the things that are within your control! Tom Brady is headed to his tenth Super Bowl (six more than the next closest guy) and if you have followed his career at all, you understand that he focuses on the things that are within his control - diet, sleep, footwork, throwing mechanics, studying film, strength, pliability, and relationships with his key people. He blocks out all the naysayers, trash talkers, and people that bet against him. I don't know if Brady wins the Super Bowl in two weeks, but I do know he will be focused on the things within his control to influence the outcome of the game.

Win the day and focus on what is within your control!

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