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Be Authentic and Get Found.

In every situation, in every encounter, and every moment of every day, we get to choose our words and actions. Because it's our choice we're solely accountable for our actions, responses, and outcomes. We are not accountable for how other people respond to or if other people like, accept, or are offended by our response. That's their choice! If we do attempt to be someone we're not, in order to be accepted by others, we lose our uniqueness, authentic value and diminish our ability to be found by like-minded collaborators, partners, and clients.

If we are to achieve our greatest potential and professional satisfaction we have to be as genuine and authentic as possible. In doing so, we are better able to find people whose vision, values, and aspirations align with our own. When this happens 1+1 can equal three or more. If we're not aligned, 1+1 can equal less than two very quickly and life and work become a slog!

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