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Improvement Not Perfection

Product or service perfection has never and will never exist, so stop trying to avoid mistakes with timid action or non-action. Continuous product/service improvement removes the comfort zone, is nonlinear, can be chaotic, and is a challenging leadership experience. The other side of an improvement is greater knowledge, leadership capability, confidence, and usually increased value for clients and or operational efficiency.

The improvement doesn't have to be revolutionary, but it does need to be client-centric and qualitatively or quantitatively tangible. Get one under your belt and do another and another and after a while, you will find the comfortable status quo no longer feels safe or comfortable because you will know what's possible. The improvement in the product or service will no doubt benefit the business, but it will pale in comparison to the improved confidence and capability it provides the leader to make even greater future contributions.

The genius of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk is not in their individual contributions to any single product, but rather that they had a clear product vision, and pushed and demanded innovation and continuous improvement from their organizations to achieve the product vision.

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