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Don't waste time and worry on things you can't control.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Many of us type-A personalities waste precious time and energy on things we want to avoid or don't like but can't do anything about. It's important that you understand the boundaries of your span of control and influence. When you get down to it, the three buckets are straightforward and with a little time and practice, you learn to adjust your thinking to focus on the things within your control.

1. Things you can control - Examples: your words, actions, thoughts, and attitude.

2. Things you can influence but can't control - Examples: your health, weight, preparation for a sport or business competition, but not the outcome of the competition.

3. Things you have no control over - Examples: If people like you. If you get a job promotion, raise or make a sale, or what kind of people your children grow up to be.

We can measure the success of our days by how well we focus, advance, and or complete the things that are under our complete control or influence. Everything else is a waste of time.

"Due to uncontrolled circumstances, I will no longer be trying to control circumstances!"

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